Clinical Genomics and Health Information Technology

While widespread application of genomics in patient care still lies in the future, significant activity is already underway in collecting and using genomic information in genome wide association studies, academic medical clinic settings, and pharmaceutical development. Genomic information is also gaining importance rapidly as a public health tool in areas such as food safety and disease surveillance.

Can the data products of these varied activities be brought together now to help build the genomics knowledge base? How might these information products be rendered useful and interoperable to support the broad research enterprise and ultimately clinical application?

These were among the questions addressed by a workshop in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 15, 2009: Identifying Opportunities to Maximize the Utility of Genomics Research Data through Electronic Health Information Exchange. The workshop was sponsored by the:

The goal of routinely utilizing genomic information in the clinical care of patients will require the development of an evidence base for genomic medicine as well as decision support mechanisms for clinical use of genomic information. The complex task of connecting data to help build the needed knowledge and IT foundations is an important aspect of the drive toward Personalized Medicine supported by the BIG Health Consortium™.