How We Work Together

To ensure that all organizations have a voice in the process of conceiving, developing, and implementing projects, BIG Health has developed a process comprised of face-to-face and virtual sessions for working groups, and a web-based wiki to develop requisite documents and archive information in an online "virtual" environment.

Every participant is invited to attend meetings and teleconferences, and to define a role that fulfills their own organizational objectives while advancing 21st century medicine.

Action Groups

The Consortium has convened a number of Action Groups to advance the BIG Health Consortium™ from concept to reality. These groups focus on the following:

  • The Communications and Outreach Action Group focuses on the communications policies, strategies, tools and programs needed to ensure that all stakeholders in the health care value chain are informed of the Consortium's activities with timely and accurate information to achieve the Consortium goals.
  • The IT Leadership Action Group's goals are to establish the informatics infrastructure needed to facilitate interoperability within and across the BIG Health Consortium™, strategize on how to link current disconnected components, and coordinate IT activities for all BIG Health projects.
  • The Orchestration Action Group is tasked with developing a Guidance Framework for the BIG Health Consortium™ overall, and will focus specifically on establishing criteria to select and prioritize the Consortium's portfolio of Demonstration Projects.
  • The Project Action Group focuses on discussion, analysis, and input on concepts of interest in order to move BIG Health ideas from the Concepts phase to the Proposals and BIG Health Projects phases.

These action groups are building an inventory of concepts and projects to demonstrate the viability of personalized medicine in real time.


The BIG Health Consortium™ has a growing list of capabilities that its participants can contribute to BIG Health activities. These may include resources, services, or tools and cover a variety of capability types.

The current capabilities of interest for BIG Health are arranged by classes of capabilities, as well as capability type. To view a complete list of the BIG Health capabilities by type, click here. If there are capability categories to which you would like your organization added, please fill out the online form or contact us at Connector and provide us with this information.

To be included on the weekly BIG Health Updates, please contact us at

To see the current list of events, click here.