Who We Are

Organizations from diverse sectors of the biomedical enterprise are currently participating in the BIG Health Consortium™. Among them are cancer centers; integrated care providers; academic centers; medical schools; diagnostics laboratories; personal genomics firms; patient advocacy and think-tank organizations; venture capitalists; and others. Each of the stakeholder groups perceives the collaborative opportunities in BIG Health as a pathway to fulfilling their own organizational missions:

  • Patient advocates seek a faster path to new, more effective treatments.
  • Health care providers and insurers seek to measure effectiveness and efficacy, and to improve patient care.
  • Community cancer centers seek increased participation in clinical research, and screening programs to lessen cancer disparities.
  • Academic centers seek to integrate clinical and discovery research and improve research productivity.
  • Diagnostic firms seek to substantiate the critical role of molecular diagnostics in the health care equation.
  • Pharmaceutical innovators seek access to “cohorts” of patients for clinical research.
  • IT providers seek adoption of their products and services to underpin the new generation of medicine.

Every participant is invited to attend meetings and teleconferences, and to define a role that fulfills their own organizational objectives while advancing 21st century medicine.

The BIG Health Ecosystem contains Clinical Communities (Researchers, Care Deliverers, Consumers), Underwriters (Government, Foundations, Payers/Insurance Companier), Molecular Biologists (Systems Biologists, Genomicists, Proteomicists) and Information Technologists (Research IT Infrastructure, EHRs and PHRs)